Accessibility Plan

CompletedIn ProgressOngoing
General- Written accessibility policiesX
- Statement of commitmentX
- Multi-year accessibility plan posted on websiteX2021
- Implement training for new and existing employees on the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation and Human Rights Code as it pertains to people with disabilitiesX
Customer Service- Implement all applicable requirements under the Customer Service StandardsX
Information and Communication- Make feedback processes accessible to people with disabilitiesX
- Notify the public of our accessible feedback policy, upon requestX
- Process in place to provide accessible formats and communication supports to people with disabilities (timely and at no extra cost)X
- Compliant with all other applicable requirements in effect under the Information and Communications StandardsX2021
Employment- Individualized workplace emergency response information available upon request to employees with disabilitiesX
- Individualized accommodation plans available upon request for employees with disabilitiesX
Design of Public Spaces- Ensure that newly constructed elements in all public spaces meet the Design of Public Spaces StandardsX

2023 Accessibility Compliance Report

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